India Telemarketing

Telemarketing India

Telemarketing outsourcing began in India.  India was the first country to provide the tools and resources necessary to allow customers to outsource BPO.  Telemarketing makes the business or practice of marketing goods and services easy to acquire by the use of telephone. It helps direct marketers promote direct marketing techniques, fight the negative images of the direct marketing industry, provide training and professional development opportunities to marketers, trying to ensure that their members create consumer confidence, and lobbying against laws forbidding e-mail address harvesting.

Telemarketing companies in India typically hire an in-house telemarketing group, which is expensive. They are choosing a competent and reliable offshore telemarketing company in any country that can significantly boost their profits. Telemarketing services mostly involve order taking and customer service.The sales and marketing grow in a large volume on behalf of their clients.

Companies are commonly looking for a telemarketer with at least 1-2 years experience, has the knowledge in sales and marketing, can perform strategic planning, have the ability to manage and train people, well prepared and adequately ready for analytical work. In some cases there are companies who consider for those who are not able to finished a 4 year course. They provide in-house training in procedures for a better benefit for both company and the telemarketer prospect.

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