Launching a Philippines Telemarketing Campaign

Outsourcing telemarketing and lead generation to the Philippines can be a positive tool to promote your business.  Lead generation is about identifying prospects and cultivating prospects so your sales team can meet with them personally.  You may currently know all sorts of facts about your ideal target market, but until you secure qualified leads and appointments, you can’t do much with the information.  Enhancing your marketing approach will also broaden your brand by having experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly Filipino telemarketers speaking to prospects who may have been previously unaware of your firm.

Outsourcing these services to an affordable Filipino company who can transform information into prospects can swiftly help your salesforce secure valuable appointments.

Most offshore call centers in the Philippines are open 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.  Should you choose to handle lead gen internally, your staff will likely only work eight hours a day.  Call center agents often seamlessly transition between shifts and schedules, and you will always have another telemarketer waiting in the wings should on not work out.

Limiting your potential hours of operation will leave business opportunities on the table and limit your company’s ability to maximize its potential and broaden its marketing reach.  You can rest assured that in today’s competitive marketplace, other companies will work around the clock to pursue business leads.


Launching an outsourced lead generation campaign is generally pretty easy.  If you have performed these functions in-house, you should already have a script and contact database readily available.  If not, the call center you select should be able to point you in the right direction.  After all, they’re professionals!

Set Goals & Milestones

Prior to kick-off you should strategically set goals for your telemarketing campaign.  If you fail to define expectations, your outsourcing experience is destined for failure.  Even if you have already spent time working with the call center to craft your lead generation campaign, you’ll want to identity and define specific milestones that you expect them to achieve.  You basically need to communicate to the call center to set some numbers and benchmarks surrounding your expectations.  This can have the positive effect of keeping you grounded and helping you avoid the temptations of an imagination running wild.

For example, agree on some goals for number of calls placed on a daily basis by your telemarketer.  This will help your own peace of mind that the expected work is actually taking place.

After a pre-determined period of time, check back and assess your campaign’s results.  Speak with your telemarketer to find out what worked, and what didn’t, and tweak your campaign to improve the process.

If handled properly your company should see increasing sales and expanding brand awareness, and you will establish a global partnership that will meet your expectations.

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