Insurance Appointment Setting

Appointment setting outsourcing is a valuable tactic to help build and maintain your book of business. Just about everyone could use insurance in some form, so the opportunities are endless. For instance, young people usually need to save money on auto insurance. Newlyweds and middle aged consumers often seek out whole and term life products. Older consumers face escalating health insurance premiums. It’s really worth your time to put together a distinctive and effective appointment setting campaign to reach each of the markets you can serve.

Below are several illustrations of how outsourced telemarketing can be used to get new prospects and to improve the profitability of your business:

  1. Generate new leads and appointments
  2. Help remind interested parties of their appointments ahead of time.
  3. Follow-up on cold leads and missed opportunities.
  4. Touch base with former clients who have taken their business elsewhere.

For insurance appointment setting to be effective, follow these five guidelines:

1. Decide upon an goal for every single call.

2. Create a script indicating what the appointment setter needs to mention. Be specific so your telemarketer can avoid becoming flustered.

3. Come up with an FAQ guide or rebuttals on how the caller should to reply to the individual should they have questions.

4. Respect the prospect. Your appointment setter should begin by displaying loads of respect for their time. Give a disclaimer that you won’t waste their time if they are not at all interested. This will both save your agent time be taken seriously.

5. Your customers and prospects are getting countless calls from your rivals each week. Give attention to the customer and what’s necessary to them.

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