We can help companies in any industry. Some of the industries we serve include:


We successfully perform appointment setting campaigns for numerous insurance agents and companies. Our company can help you affordably and seamlessly offer your clients a wide range of health, home, business, auto, and life insurance coverage. Outsource appointment setting with us, and our telemarketers will cold call, canvass, and prospect for you virtually.


Manufacturing is the process of making and creating goods on a large scale. We can help your company contact suppliers and distributors, and generate qualified leads and appointments. We can assist just about any manufacturer looking to expand capacity.


Agriculture has obviously played a key role in human civilization. Whether you own and operate a family farm, or are looking to reach those in need of farming products, seeds, or equipment, we will gladly help you reach out to new prospects.

Solar Energy

We can help your firm generate solar energy leads. As you know, solar energy has been harnessed by humans since ancient times. By outsourcing your telemarketing services to us, we can help your business grow, while helping out a good cause.

We provide solar energy telemarketing and lead generation services to the Energy industry. We can help solar energy companies contact consumers looking to reduced energy costs or simply reduce their carbon blueprints.

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