If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Right

A continuously increasing number of companies are reaping the advantages of telemarketing outsourcing. By generating leads externally, they allow their salesforces to become more efficient and productive, and thus, grow their revenue and earnings. On the surface one may well believe that the increase in inexpensive, offshore call centers would help make prospecting less of a challenge.

True success calls for:

Casting a Wide Net

This includes a variation of marketing and advertising using various customary, and different methods.  Doing so will give you a fresh supply of contacts, and your telemarketers won’t run in place by calling previously burned leads.

Lead Definition & Qualification

Offshore lead generation programs can establish data, appointments, and a substantial amount of potential customers. However, they can’t handle qualification by themselves.  A common manifestation of lead generation accomplishment is a contact list containing a multitude of contacts. This is only the first step. Your salesforce can’t work properly until you have defined what constitutes a qualified lead.

Stressing Quality over Quantity

Many business people think that you should judge success simply based upon the cost per individual sales lead or appointment. The truth is, there are better ways to measure effectiveness. How prepared are your prospects? With which companies did you get appointments? With whom in the organization?


Take the time to make sure your telemarketing team understands your business.  Often, a lot of “appointments” can turn out to be a misnomer, as many telemarketing companies will start calling up your prospects without even having a true grasp of what your company is offering, and why the prospect would want an appointment. The lead may agree to an appointment just to get the agent off the phone, or simply because they don’t like to be disagreeable.  As a result, the conferences don’t end up bearing any fruit.  On top of that, some prospects might not even recall setting the appointment to begin with. These kinds of unqualified appointments certainly add to your costs, and defeat the purpose of outsourcing in the first place.

Partnering with the Right Call Center

To reap the most from any outbound lead generation or appointment setting project, you should ideally contract with an experienced call center. Experienced centers will fill customer pipelines and set significant appointments, not merely halfhearted meetings. You must also make sure  that you have an amicable relationship, are on the same page, and that they will correctly cover sales territories, and add some degree of predictability to your pipeline.

As the saying goes, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.  This wisdom can absolutely be applied to your telemarketing outsourcing campaigns.

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