Hiring an Outsourced Telemarketer

Identifying a call center to which your telemarketing will be outsourced is only the first step towards lead generation excellence.  To ensure that your campaign is successful, pay attention to the following components of your project.

1.  Telemarketing Lists

It is essential that your telemarketer calls the right prospects.  Use an updated list with fresh data to call.  If you are using your own data, make sure that it either hasn’t been called before, or at least, not recently.  Targeting a firms former employees, or simply wrong numbers won’t get you the results you desire.  If you are purchasing a list, find out how the information was gathered, and how many others will be calling the same leads.

2.  Script

Many companies choose to outsource telemarketing because it has become too costly to handle internally.  If this is the case, you have a head start, and should have some successful cold calling scripts on hand.  If not, it is important to craft a script that will help your telemarketer hit her goals.  Put your script to the test by calling a handful of names on the list, and see how it works for you.  Are you hearing rebuttals you didn’t expect?  Are there any easy and obvious edits to be made?  If so, make some changes and forward them along to your outsourced employee.

Once your telemarketer has received the script, ask her to read it back to you.  This way, you can hear if it sounds smooth, and if there are any accent or pronunciation issues.

3.  Training

When hiring an outsourced telemarketer, it is essential to initially put some time into training to maximize  success.  Send a brief description to the agent detailing what your company does, and what objectives you are trying to accomplish.  After all, nobody knows your business better than you, so it can be helpful to share your knowledge with your agent.

Early attention to these three critical components of an outsourced telemarketing campaign can pay big dividends.

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