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Hiring an Outsourced Telemarketer

Identifying a call center to which your telemarketing will be outsourced is only the first step towards lead generation excellence.  To ensure that your campaign is successful, pay attention to the following components of your project.

1.  Telemarketing Lists

It is essential that your telemarketer calls the right prospects.  Use an updated list with fresh data to call.  If you are using your own data, make sure that it either hasn’t been called before, or at least, not recently.  Targeting a firms former employees, or simply wrong numbers won’t get you the results you desire.  If you are purchasing a list, find out how the information was gathered, and how many others will be calling the same leads.

2.  Script

Many companies choose to outsource telemarketing because it has become too costly to handle internally.  If this is the case, you have a head start, and should have some successful cold calling scripts on hand.  If not, it is important to craft a script that will help your telemarketer hit her goals.  Put your script to the test by calling a handful of names on the list, and see how it works for you.  Are you hearing rebuttals you didn’t expect?  Are there any easy and obvious edits to be made?  If so, make some changes and forward them along to your outsourced employee.

Once your telemarketer has received the script, ask her to read it back to you.  This way, you can hear if it sounds smooth, and if there are any accent or pronunciation issues.

3.  Training

When hiring an outsourced telemarketer, it is essential to initially put some time into training to maximize  success.  Send a brief description to the agent detailing what your company does, and what objectives you are trying to accomplish.  After all, nobody knows your business better than you, so it can be helpful to share your knowledge with your agent.

Early attention to these three critical components of an outsourced telemarketing campaign can pay big dividends.

6 Appointment Setting Tips

Over the past decade, technological improvements have both helped and hurt telemarketers.  However, the secret to successful appointment setting  is all about mastering a small number of basic techniques.  Here are six tips to help your company achieve appointment setting supremacy.

Hire an experienced company, or independent agents.   As you know, outbound appointment setting can be a challenging vocation.  It takes time and dedication to be successful. You will need to source a quality telemarketing service, or employ appointment setters with an innate ability to sell.  Additionally, your outsourcing company should offer sufficient training to help your agents identify with the prospects. Remember, telemarketing is proven method for generating leads.  Mastering the channel can be one of the most cost effective means for driving new business.

1.  First, begin by writing down a list of the benefits of the appointment to the prospect.  The benefits of the appointment are different than the benefits of the product.

2.  Write a telemarketing script.  An effective script is the key to keep the outbound call on track. Have the agent write the script as if it were her talking directly to the prospect. It can be helpful to have your telemarketer describe the product in her own words, not only because it makes calling sound natural, but it should give you a good idea of the agent’s comprehension level.

3.  Maintain a database of fresh leads and contacts. Telemarketers in the Philippines often make hundreds of calls daily.  Replenish your telemarketing list with fresh names to keep the appointment setter from beating the proverbial “dead horse”.  Calling the same voicemails is a waste of time, while fresh names will keep your agent on her toes.  Regardless, it is also important not to jump the gun and discard quality leads at the drop of a hat.  It is critical to know the right time to move on from a lead.

4.  Persistence pays. The primary trait of a successful telemarketer is that she never gives up until possibilities have been exhausted.  Inexperienced appointment setters often complain about their leads.  You can provide a new list, but in due time she’ll have burned the leads, and demand fresher prospects.  On the other hand, experienced telemarketers won’t give up until they are sure that they’ve squeezed every last drop of business.

5.  Alternate schedules.  Like anyone else, telemarketers are creatures of habit.  It can be easy to develop a  repetitive calling schedule without variation.  Have your telemarketer call different lists at different times of day.  It is common industry knowledge that decision makers are often in the office earlier than gatekeepers, so it can be a good idea to make calls prior to 9AM.  Furthermore, it can be equally effective to call after 5PM because the work day has generally simmered down, and gatekeepers are busy fighting rush hour traffic.

6.  Be sure to close the appointment.  It is important to remember that appointment setting calls are essentially sales calls.  Your agent is selling the appointment.  Try a choice close, for instance, “which would be better for you, 2 or 4 on Wednesday”?

6 Telemarketing Tips to Remember

It is important to have the right approach when preparing to begin an outbound cold calling campaign.  Keep these six tips in mind, and you’ll be off to a good start.
1. It is critical that you are confident that he is representing a great, top quality, ethical company.  Understand that your services don’t have to be the most affordable or of the highest quality. However, they need to be appropriate for the customer you are pitching.

2. An effective mental approach is necessary prior to beginning any outbound telemarketing campaign.  See cold calling as a valuable service to both your company and the prospect’s.  Realize that you play an essential role in connecting businesses and helping them succeed.  Those who succeed at telemarketing embrace it, and aspire to be extremely good at it.

3. Learn your company’s products and services inside and out.  This will help you remain comfortable and confident while on the phone with prospects.  You will also be better prepared to answer any unexpected or unusual questions a potential customer might ask.

4. Keep your workplace clean and set-up for success. This will help you avoid distractions that can inhibit your ability to think clearly and work effectively.

5. Keep your stress levels at a minimum.  Take breaks, eat healthy foods, and get plenty of sleep during the work-week.

6. Set realistic goals.  Have some particular goals and targets you aim to reach.  Some telemarketers choose to keep pictures of something they’re working towards, such as a car or house.

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What Telemarketing Outsourcing Can do for your Company

Telemarketing outsourcing can allow your company to do more with less. The primary reason companies outsource telemarketing services is that it can be expensive and complicated to set up a call center on their own. By sending this critical functionality offshore, the call center prover will have to make the large capital investment in phone service, work stations, headsets, computers, and software. Additionally, they will be required to train and hire telemarketers and managers – not you. As you might imagine, launching or pausing an outsourced service is quite a bit easier to do than to enter the world of hiring and firing employees. Business Process Outsourcing companies can also offer dedicated expertise considering that they spend their time performing the services at hand. Outsourcing your company’s sales and marketing activities can be a great tactic to alleviate financial burdens.

Outbound telemarketing companies can handle a large volume of cold calls on your behalf. We can provide telemarketers and appointment setters who can handle a variety of different types of outbound calls, including lead generation, surveys, and list scrubbing, and lead qualification.

Please contact us today for more information on how we can help launch an effective outbound calling campaign.

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