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Launching a Philippines Telemarketing Campaign

Outsourcing telemarketing and lead generation to the Philippines can be a positive tool to promote your business.  Lead generation is about identifying prospects and cultivating prospects so your sales team can meet with them personally.  You may currently know all sorts of facts about your ideal target market, but until you secure qualified leads and appointments, you can’t do much with the information.  Enhancing your marketing approach will also broaden your brand by having experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly Filipino telemarketers speaking to prospects who may have been previously unaware of your firm.

Outsourcing these services to an affordable Filipino company who can transform information into prospects can swiftly help your salesforce secure valuable appointments.

Most offshore call centers in the Philippines are open 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.  Should you choose to handle lead gen internally, your staff will likely only work eight hours a day.  Call center agents often seamlessly transition between shifts and schedules, and you will always have another telemarketer waiting in the wings should on not work out.

Limiting your potential hours of operation will leave business opportunities on the table and limit your company’s ability to maximize its potential and broaden its marketing reach.  You can rest assured that in today’s competitive marketplace, other companies will work around the clock to pursue business leads.


Launching an outsourced lead generation campaign is generally pretty easy.  If you have performed these functions in-house, you should already have a script and contact database readily available.  If not, the call center you select should be able to point you in the right direction.  After all, they’re professionals!

Set Goals & Milestones

Prior to kick-off you should strategically set goals for your telemarketing campaign.  If you fail to define expectations, your outsourcing experience is destined for failure.  Even if you have already spent time working with the call center to craft your lead generation campaign, you’ll want to identity and define specific milestones that you expect them to achieve.  You basically need to communicate to the call center to set some numbers and benchmarks surrounding your expectations.  This can have the positive effect of keeping you grounded and helping you avoid the temptations of an imagination running wild.

For example, agree on some goals for number of calls placed on a daily basis by your telemarketer.  This will help your own peace of mind that the expected work is actually taking place.

After a pre-determined period of time, check back and assess your campaign’s results.  Speak with your telemarketer to find out what worked, and what didn’t, and tweak your campaign to improve the process.

If handled properly your company should see increasing sales and expanding brand awareness, and you will establish a global partnership that will meet your expectations.

Offshore Call Center Services

You’ve probably read and heard a lot about outsourcing in the media. Perhaps, you are thinking of taking advantage of the process yourself. Before you do, there are some basic things that you should take into account.

Offshore call center outsourcing is the practice of effectively moving business services to an overseas provider. The idea is that cheaper labor and rapidly improving workforce skills in regions such as Asia can provide an instant competitive edge. Companies in the developed world frequently outsource key attributes of their business to overseas agencies to both reduce expenses and increase productivity. Small businesses typically build their call center capacities internally. As they grow, outsourcing their call center capabilities becomes a must.

Outsourcing companies are constantly implementing and updating techniques for interacting with clientele. The benefit to your company is the renewed ability to assist customers and prospects cost effectively, even while you are driving extra revenue.

While outsourcing to an offshore call center can absolutely help you reach your goals, the process comes with disclaimers. Planning for, delivery, and continual handling of an outsourcing game plan involves a great deal of effort. The gains won’t always be achieved promptly, and financial savings may not be as significant as you might hope.

Fortunately, most overseas centers understand this, and will work with you to set reasonable goals and implement an intelligent business plan. After all, offshore services aren’t isolated in their mission to better help their customers. They expect to be around for a while, and will go to great lengths to earn your loyalty as a repeat customer. Choose a center that wants a true partnership, and will work with you to meet the future head-on.

As call center companies advance in all characteristics of their business, they look for tactics and services that will diversify their offerings beyond simply telemarketing and lead generation, and want to help to make the practice of dealing with your firm more advantageous.

To reach your goals, you must commit adequate resources to the ongoing governance and supervision of your partnership, and always remember the time and effort necessary for success. This means that both sides should take the time to monitor quality and stick to the original service agreement.

In advance of selecting an offshore call center, you must initially determine what type of service you want to outsource, and what exactly your goals and objectives will be. For instance, if you are outsourcing telemarketing, you want to choose a center experienced in performing large volumes of outbound calls, and one whose agents can effectively communicate with your clientele. Study the skills of each and every prospective partner, evaluating distance, cost, and dialect, as well as technology such as auto-dialers before you reach a conclusion.

With proper understanding and preparation, your business can achieve those benefits you’ve heard so much about.

Outsourcing Lead Generation

Launching an outbound telemarketing campaign can be a hassle. Where do you begin? Is it worth your time to simply grab a list of names and smile and dial? To improve your sales process you should consider outsourcing lead generation to an offshore call center. This way, you can have a definite starting point, and ensure that the prospects you call are pre-qualified and have some level of interest in your product or services. Your outsourced service will create demand with the prospective consumer with information that is both interesting related. They’ll provide just enough information to grab their attention, and then lay up an appointment to for you to slam dunk.

By outsourcing your lead generation you begin with a lead who is genuinely interested in your product or service, and fits the consumer profile you’re looking for. If you’re generating more leads, you should also be increasing face-to-face meetings and appointments. Thus, you should have more face time with consumers who have questions and concerns regarding your product or service. The extra revenue you rack up can offset the price of outsourcing lead generation.

A surge in leads can help you analyze your sales staff, and separate the wheat from the chaff. You will immediately and accurately be able to see who inside of your organization is underperforming, and who is standing out. This data can help you improve your sales strategy, as you can make the necessary adjustments that may have previously been obscure.

With an immediate surplus of leads, and large volumes of outbound calls being placed on your company’s behalf, you will effectively expand your brand identity. Even cold calls that don’t instantly turn into leads, can produce benefits in the future, as decision makers might already be aware of your business.

By outsourcing to a company who steadily generate leads, collect data, and increase brand awareness, your company can swiftly get a substantial edge on the competition.

Mortgage Lead Generation

Without a doubt, there are loads of different techniques to generate mortgage leads. On the surface one may well think that additional methods would make prospect targeting and acceptance incredibly easier. In point of fact, the loan marketing environment has become more challenging. Prospective home buyers currently have more choices than ever to obtain quotes, compare financing options, and acquire appropriate mortgage financing. Because of this, you the salesperson have to go above and beyond to garner the focus of your potential prospects. The chore calls for variation and marketing and advertising a variety of traditional and different strategies.

There are the conventional methods – for example leads received via direct mailings, networking with real estate agents, and your natural market. There are also contemporary lead gen methods like leads acquired from web marketing and social media. Where some of these strategies fall short is that loan officers must have an understanding of the unique and monetary specifications of a customer to deliver long term solutions for financial freedom. Deals are generally not finalized by fancy marketing or cunning promotion, the mortgage sales should have a personal touch.

While just about all of these various varieties of mortgage lead generation strategies can potentially have a spot in a productive loan officer’s marketing plan, but acquiring an inventory of people’s names is merely the initial step. Now that you own the leads, you must make them your customers.

Cold calling is a laborious process. Getting top notch leads and conducting cold telephone calls to cold leads is often an exhausting and draining exercise to individual brokers. Telemarketed mortgage leads obtained through telemarketing outsourcing are a great method for even the most experienced broker or loan officer to maximize business.

Outsourced mortgage telemarketing companies can qualify and verify leads in advance of when a lead is transferred to your company. Overseas telemarketers are furnished with system managed auto-dialers and computer software that can potentially get through to as much as three or four times as many contacts than one could manage by physically dialing numbers. Assuming you actively maintain an ongoing outbound telemarketing campaign, an outsourced telemarketing company can deliver quality leads with volume and pricing that can beat what is done individually.

The “ABCs” of Outbound Appointment Setting

Perhaps the most powerful technique to prosperity in outbound B2B appointment setting is the often preached, but still ordinarily garbled, use of committal questions.

It’s understandable that assurances are generally an issue of conversation in the outbound cold calling industry. They tend to have been presented in appointment setting training documents almost since the invention of the telephone. The concern is not that the conversation concerning the ABCs of telemarketing (Always Be Closing) isn’t taking place, the fear tends to be that the discussion falls short of promising the true power of commitment and driving outbound telemarketers to improve and apply them correctly.

A business to business marketing discourse requires two groups or individuals – the agent and the prospect or company. The premise of this particular dialogue is that the appointment setter may try to solely present features and benefits to create a powerful reason for him to allow a buying decision.

Onto the competing view of the conversation, the prospect will measure, often employing a point of doubt, the added bonus of all those features to him. What really is inferred, of course, that as portion of of this particular progression the appointment setter will certainly display her product in the optimal conceivable light, and the prospect can attempt to look right past it.

Gaining confirmation is essential to setting appointments.

Therein lies an inherent contradiction. The telemarketer is making an attempt to convince a prospective client, and the potential customer is making an attempt to refuse to give in to totally being swayed.

So long as this particular assumption is acceptable to characterize the outbound call, the capability of gaining commitment is restricted to its particular ability to evaluate just how much the customer trusts the specifications provided by the salesperson. Questioning the prospect throughout the outbound call shows the appointment setter if the customer believes her or not, and the degree of the believability with which her product or service is truly being received. Essentially, in B2B appointment setting, commitment questioning specifies the credibility difference involving the point of the salesperson and the perception to be had by the customer.

The appointment setter should put together a series of questions as part of a script with the aim of replacing the foundation of assurance from her impression in the many benefits of her product/service, to the prospect’s. Basically, instead of making an attempt to persuade the client to trust exactly what she communicates, she can enable the potential to convert their selves of belief in the solution. If the agent is capable of doing that, the base of conviction is will no longer a trust of the agent, but instead a conviction in on their own. This is certainly a intuition that is never questioned the moment it is created and one that can guide considerably more clients to order than she could in any other case.

Hail Damage Telemarketing

Appointment setting and lead generation for contractors and roofing companies is essential for business success. Every year when summer weather heats up, hail storms and the requisite wind and hail damage are a fact of life for many Americans.  While consumers know that their cars, houses, or roofs may be vulnerable to hail storms and wind damage, most don’t know where to turn for repair when the time comes.

By outsourcing telemarketing, contractors and roofing companies can pro-actively target consumers in areas victimized by hail storms, and customize appointment setting and lead generation campaigns to reach out to those in need.

You can generate hail damage leads and set appointments with homeowners through targeted outbound telemarketing campaigns. By outsourcing your B2C telemarketing campaigns, you can create a virtual sales team that will flexibly allow you to start and pause based upon demand.  You won’t have to go through the process of recruiting and hiring an internal team of appointment setters, only to let them go when the weather cools down, or demand fades.

Telemarketers can call homeowners in affected areas and notify them that your team will be in their area during a specified time period, and will be available to provide a free quote or estimate.

Your appointment setter will help you generate leads by passing along to you the contact info and additional details of interested parties.  Or, she can simply identify prospects and set appointments with them so you or your sales staff can meet with them personally to provide estimates and quotes.

For additional information, or telemarketing pricing, please submit a request for a quote today!

Insurance Appointment Setting

Appointment setting outsourcing is a valuable tactic to help build and maintain your book of business. Just about everyone could use insurance in some form, so the opportunities are endless. For instance, young people usually need to save money on auto insurance. Newlyweds and middle aged consumers often seek out whole and term life products. Older consumers face escalating health insurance premiums. It’s really worth your time to put together a distinctive and effective appointment setting campaign to reach each of the markets you can serve.

Below are several illustrations of how outsourced telemarketing can be used to get new prospects and to improve the profitability of your business:

  1. Generate new leads and appointments
  2. Help remind interested parties of their appointments ahead of time.
  3. Follow-up on cold leads and missed opportunities.
  4. Touch base with former clients who have taken their business elsewhere.

For insurance appointment setting to be effective, follow these five guidelines:

1. Decide upon an goal for every single call.

2. Create a script indicating what the appointment setter needs to mention. Be specific so your telemarketer can avoid becoming flustered.

3. Come up with an FAQ guide or rebuttals on how the caller should to reply to the individual should they have questions.

4. Respect the prospect. Your appointment setter should begin by displaying loads of respect for their time. Give a disclaimer that you won’t waste their time if they are not at all interested. This will both save your agent time be taken seriously.

5. Your customers and prospects are getting countless calls from your rivals each week. Give attention to the customer and what’s necessary to them.

Solar Energy Lead Generation

Effective solar lead generation is the art of approaching businesses or consumers professionally, openly, and meaningfully, with the valuable proposition of affordable energy. Lead generation is an essential and valuable method to make solar a must-have energy solution for your customers.

Offshore lead generation can successfully create a brand new ‘virtual’ marketing arm of your corporation. Scalable call center solutions open up your enterprise to limitless possibilities.

How lead generation telemarketing helps your company:

  • Positions your company as an essential and pivotal supplier of affordable, renewable energy.
  • Will expose consumers to important and new fresh cost reduction possibilities.
  • Empowers your firm to become the go-to name brand in a burgeoning industry.
  • Boosting consumer and business access to affordable solar energy systems worldwide.
  • Cutting the cost of renewable energy to a level where it becomes the preferred method.

How it serves customers:

  • Enabling them to enjoy the independence of controlling their energy sources.
  • Avoidance of rate increases and time of day fluctuations
  • Support of local economies

We look forward to helping your company generate solar leads and set qualified appointments with the large, virtually untapped market of environmentally or budget conscious consumers seeking renewable energy sources.

If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Right

A continuously increasing number of companies are reaping the advantages of telemarketing outsourcing. By generating leads externally, they allow their salesforces to become more efficient and productive, and thus, grow their revenue and earnings. On the surface one may well believe that the increase in inexpensive, offshore call centers would help make prospecting less of a challenge.

True success calls for:

Casting a Wide Net

This includes a variation of marketing and advertising using various customary, and different methods.  Doing so will give you a fresh supply of contacts, and your telemarketers won’t run in place by calling previously burned leads.

Lead Definition & Qualification

Offshore lead generation programs can establish data, appointments, and a substantial amount of potential customers. However, they can’t handle qualification by themselves.  A common manifestation of lead generation accomplishment is a contact list containing a multitude of contacts. This is only the first step. Your salesforce can’t work properly until you have defined what constitutes a qualified lead.

Stressing Quality over Quantity

Many business people think that you should judge success simply based upon the cost per individual sales lead or appointment. The truth is, there are better ways to measure effectiveness. How prepared are your prospects? With which companies did you get appointments? With whom in the organization?


Take the time to make sure your telemarketing team understands your business.  Often, a lot of “appointments” can turn out to be a misnomer, as many telemarketing companies will start calling up your prospects without even having a true grasp of what your company is offering, and why the prospect would want an appointment. The lead may agree to an appointment just to get the agent off the phone, or simply because they don’t like to be disagreeable.  As a result, the conferences don’t end up bearing any fruit.  On top of that, some prospects might not even recall setting the appointment to begin with. These kinds of unqualified appointments certainly add to your costs, and defeat the purpose of outsourcing in the first place.

Partnering with the Right Call Center

To reap the most from any outbound lead generation or appointment setting project, you should ideally contract with an experienced call center. Experienced centers will fill customer pipelines and set significant appointments, not merely halfhearted meetings. You must also make sure  that you have an amicable relationship, are on the same page, and that they will correctly cover sales territories, and add some degree of predictability to your pipeline.

As the saying goes, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.  This wisdom can absolutely be applied to your telemarketing outsourcing campaigns.

Effective Outbound Lead Generation

Offshore providers can effectively, and inexpensively help you with voice-based lead generation.  Regardless of whether you are looking for b2b, or business to consumer lead generation services, call centers in the Philippines can offer you a sizeable advantage.  There are a number of differing opinions as to what constitutes a successful outbound telemarketing campaign.

Prior to campaign launch, formulate a clear goal for your lead generation marketing campaign. This can direct you when choosing the right provider for you. You can show them the list of details that you would like them to tackle, or the anticipated result that you expect from them. Additionally, it is best to select the provider that has at a minimum a little expertise in your market segment.

At first glance, one might presume that the booming growth in the offshore call center industry would likely help make customer acquisition much simpler. The truth is, the contest has become more difficult.  Consumers possess more possibilities than ever before to get hold of information, as well as to compare and purchase products. This basically means that your company is now required to go out of its way to garner the curiosity of your potential prospects.

Outbound telemarketing tends to be a fairly safe method for even the most seasoned businesses to generate leads. There are loads of differing techniques to generate qualified leads.  In addition to the classic methods for procuring contact lists, such as direct mail and the use of list brokers, there is a multitude of new lead generation techiques including leads received from internet marketing.

These methods are still important.  However, with international growth in competition, obtaining a inventory of names is merely just the very first phase.  Once you get the names, you now must turn them into clients.

You can do this by engaging your prospective client in a substantive conversation, and establishing whether or not he meets your pre-set conditions for a quality lead.  Time is money, and efficient companies stress quality leads, as they can save you precious time.

To encourage your prospective client to progress along the sales cycle, your call center must make superb outbound calls.

A great outbound call has multiple important elements:

  1. Identifying the decision maker.
  2. Establishing your prospect’s timeframe.
  3. Good and meaningful conversation.
  4. Obtaining important data beyond primary contact information.
  5. Guaging degree of interest and demand.

Following these guidelines can help your organization get an edge on it’s competition by generating quality leads, which will lead to more in-person meetings, and more closed sales.