6 Telemarketing Tips to Remember

It is important to have the right approach when preparing to begin an outbound cold calling campaign.  Keep these six tips in mind, and you’ll be off to a good start.
1. It is critical that you are confident that he is representing a great, top quality, ethical company.  Understand that your services don’t have to be the most affordable or of the highest quality. However, they need to be appropriate for the customer you are pitching.

2. An effective mental approach is necessary prior to beginning any outbound telemarketing campaign.  See cold calling as a valuable service to both your company and the prospect’s.  Realize that you play an essential role in connecting businesses and helping them succeed.  Those who succeed at telemarketing embrace it, and aspire to be extremely good at it.

3. Learn your company’s products and services inside and out.  This will help you remain comfortable and confident while on the phone with prospects.  You will also be better prepared to answer any unexpected or unusual questions a potential customer might ask.

4. Keep your workplace clean and set-up for success. This will help you avoid distractions that can inhibit your ability to think clearly and work effectively.

5. Keep your stress levels at a minimum.  Take breaks, eat healthy foods, and get plenty of sleep during the work-week.

6. Set realistic goals.  Have some particular goals and targets you aim to reach.  Some telemarketers choose to keep pictures of something they’re working towards, such as a car or house.

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