6 Appointment Setting Tips

Over the past decade, technological improvements have both helped and hurt telemarketers.  However, the secret to successful appointment setting  is all about mastering a small number of basic techniques.  Here are six tips to help your company achieve appointment setting supremacy.

Hire an experienced company, or independent agents.   As you know, outbound appointment setting can be a challenging vocation.  It takes time and dedication to be successful. You will need to source a quality telemarketing service, or employ appointment setters with an innate ability to sell.  Additionally, your outsourcing company should offer sufficient training to help your agents identify with the prospects. Remember, telemarketing is proven method for generating leads.  Mastering the channel can be one of the most cost effective means for driving new business.

1.  First, begin by writing down a list of the benefits of the appointment to the prospect.  The benefits of the appointment are different than the benefits of the product.

2.  Write a telemarketing script.  An effective script is the key to keep the outbound call on track. Have the agent write the script as if it were her talking directly to the prospect. It can be helpful to have your telemarketer describe the product in her own words, not only because it makes calling sound natural, but it should give you a good idea of the agent’s comprehension level.

3.  Maintain a database of fresh leads and contacts. Telemarketers in the Philippines often make hundreds of calls daily.  Replenish your telemarketing list with fresh names to keep the appointment setter from beating the proverbial “dead horse”.  Calling the same voicemails is a waste of time, while fresh names will keep your agent on her toes.  Regardless, it is also important not to jump the gun and discard quality leads at the drop of a hat.  It is critical to know the right time to move on from a lead.

4.  Persistence pays. The primary trait of a successful telemarketer is that she never gives up until possibilities have been exhausted.  Inexperienced appointment setters often complain about their leads.  You can provide a new list, but in due time she’ll have burned the leads, and demand fresher prospects.  On the other hand, experienced telemarketers won’t give up until they are sure that they’ve squeezed every last drop of business.

5.  Alternate schedules.  Like anyone else, telemarketers are creatures of habit.  It can be easy to develop a  repetitive calling schedule without variation.  Have your telemarketer call different lists at different times of day.  It is common industry knowledge that decision makers are often in the office earlier than gatekeepers, so it can be a good idea to make calls prior to 9AM.  Furthermore, it can be equally effective to call after 5PM because the work day has generally simmered down, and gatekeepers are busy fighting rush hour traffic.

6.  Be sure to close the appointment.  It is important to remember that appointment setting calls are essentially sales calls.  Your agent is selling the appointment.  Try a choice close, for instance, “which would be better for you, 2 or 4 on Wednesday”?

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